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Royal Profile: Maud Windsor

Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor was born 15 August 2013 as the eldest daughter of Lord Frederik Windsor and Sophie Winkleman {Source}. She has a younger sister:

She was named for:

  • Maud: Princess Maud of Wales, who was her great x2 aunt
  • Elizabeth: Queen Elizabeth II
  • Daphne: her maternal great grandmother
  • Marina: her paternal great grandmother, Princess Marina of Greece & Denmark, The Duchess of Kent

She was baptized at St James Palace in December 2013 and has Princess Eugenie of York among her godparents {Source}.

Currently, she is 47th in line for the British throne. It's likely she will grow up to lead a normal life.

Royal Profile: Elisabeta-Maria Biarneix de Roumanie

Elisabeta-Maria Bianca Elena Biarneix de Roumanie was born 15 August 1998 as the daughter of Princess Sophie of Romania & Alain Michel Léonce Biarneix.

She has no known siblings and her parents divorced when she was only two years old. She grew up in France with her mother.

She is currently fifth in succession for the defunct Romaninan throne, after her two aunts, cousin and mother.

She is considered a private person so not much is known about her. It's likely she leads a fairly normal life, and speaks English, Romanian and French. She likely recently took the French Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate exam.

On Saturday, 13 August 2016, she attended the funeral service of her grandmother, Queen Anne of Romania {Photos}.

Royal Profile: Gary Christie Lewis

Gary Christie Lewis was born 15 August 1970, the 2nd of 4 children, with an older sister and two younger brothers, is the son of Larry Lewis & Viki Carr {Source}.

He was previously married and has a son from that relationship, Ari {Source} He married Lady Davina Lewis on 31 July 2004 at the Chapel at Kensington Palace {Source}. They met while they were both on vacation in Bali in 2000-she was recovering from her university studies in the US, while he was on a surfing holiday {Source}. Before their wedding ceremony, thirty members of his family were treated to a London sight seeing tour by The Duchess of Gloucester  {Source}. After their wedding ceremony, the couple moved to New Zeland, anticipating a stay of six months-that was 11 years ago {Source}. Together, they have two children:

Like his wife, he does not carry out any official functions on behalf of the Queen. However, they are invited to family events, such as weddings (they attended THE Royal Wedding of 2011), funerals (Seen here in 2005 at Princess Alice's funeral), and other low-key events such as the Gatcombe Horse Trials (2012). In 2005, they were invited to attend the Queen's reception for members of the New Zealand All Blacks {Source}. Other than this, they tend to live fairly normal lives.

He is the son-in-law of The Duke and Duchess of Glouchester.

Royal Profile: The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal

The Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, The Princess Royal was born 15 August 1950, the second child and only daughter of The Duke of Edinburgh and Queen Elizabeth II {Source}.
She has three brothers, two sisters-in-law, two former sisters-in-law, three nephews, three nieces, a niece in law, a great nephew, a great niece, and several step nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. The Prince Charles Arthur Phillip George of Wales(1948)
    1. Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997, m 1981-1996)
      1. Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis, The Duke of Cambridge (1982)
        1. Catherine Elizabeth, The Duchess of Cambridge (1982)
          1. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (2013)
          2. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge (2015)
      2. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (1984)
    2. Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall (1947, m. 2005)
  2. The Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, The Duke of York (1960)
    1. Sarah, Duchess of York (1959, m. 1986-1996, div)
      1. Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York (1988)
      2. Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York (1990) 
  3. The Prince Edward Anthony Richard Louis, The Earl of Wessex (1964)
    1. Sophie, The Countess of Wessex (1964, m. 19999)
      1. The Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor (2003)
      2. James Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount Severn (2007)
In October 1950 at two months old, she was baptized Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Mountbatten-Windsor {Source}. The following as godparents:

The Queen--later Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (her maternal grandmother) (where Elizabeth likely comes from)
The Hereditary Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (her paternal aunt) (Princess Margarita)
Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark (her paternal grandmother) (where Alice comes from likely)
The Earl Mountbatten of Burma (her paternal granduncle) (Louis)
The Hon. and Rev. Andrew Elphinstone (her mother's cousin, her 1st cousin once removed)She was named:

  • Anne: likely a name her parents liked
  • Elizabeth: For her maternal grandmother (and godmother) and mother
  • Alice: For her paternal grandmother
  • Louise: for her great-great-great aunt, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria
Her schooling began in a small class with her brother at Buckingham Palace, shortly after her mother succeeded the throne{Source}. At the age of 12, she spent time privately being educated in France {Source}, before she attended Benenden School, Kent {Source}.

She was engaged with Lieutenant (later Captain) Mark Phillips of The Queen's Dragoon Guards was on 29 May 1973 {Source}. They were married in Westminster Abbey on 14 November 1973 {Source}. They were divorced in 1992{Source}. She remarried in December 1992 to  Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence at a private ceremony at Crathie Church, near Balmoral Castle in Scotland {Source}.
The Princess Anne has two children, two children-in-law and three grandchildren {Source}:
  1. Peter Mark Andrew Phillips (1977)
    1. Autumn Patricia Kelly Philips (1978, m. 2008)
      1. Savannah Anne Kathleen Phillips (2010)
      2. Isla Elizabeth Phillips (29 March 2012) 
  2. Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips Tindall (1981)
    1. Michael James Tindall (1978)
      1. Miss Mia Grace Tindall (2014)
Her godchildren are:
  • Philip, Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1970)
  • Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, (1973)
  • Miss Alice McVitti e(1976)
  • Prince Peter of Yugoslavia (1970)
  • Miss Lucy Margot Therese Cameron (1980)
  • The Lady Eloise Anne Elizabeth Anson (1981)
  • Miss Kelly Louise Doreen Knatchbull (1988)

Four months after her first marriage, there was an unsuccessful abduction attempt made for her {Source}. She and her husband had been headed back to Buckingham Palace after attending a charity event when the event took place {Source}. Her Royal Protection Officers sprung into action, and one was shot and wounded trying to prevent the abduction {Source}, for his heroic efforts, he was awarded the George Cross {Source}.

Traditionally, the eldest daughter of the monarch is awarded the title The Princess Royal, as the eldest son is The Prince of Wales, but there may be only one holder of the title The Princess Royal at a time. At the time of her mother's succession, The Princess Anne's great-aunt The Princess Mary, Princess Royal ,Countess of Harewood, was holding the title, but The Princess Mary died in 1965. Twenty-two years after the death of her great-aunt, her mother decided that The Princess Anne deserved the title, she was awarded the title in June 1987 {Source}. From June 1987 to 1992, she has been known as HRH The Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Mrs Mark Phillips. Today, she is known as HRH The Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Mrs. Timothy Laurence. Prior to her marriages and receiving the title Princess Royal, she had been known as Princess Anne of Edinburgh (before her mother's succession) and The Princess Anne (after the succession). She is the 7th holder of the title since the title was begun by her distant relative, Charles I for his daughter Princess Mary.

At the age of 18, she began to take on solo engagements, maintaining a very busy working schedule since {Source}. She first flew her personal standard in 1969, when she opened an educational and training centre in Shropshire{Source}. Her first official state visit took place in May 1969, when she accompanied her parents on a visit to Austria {Source}. She maintains a very busy schedule of meetings, patronage visits and other public appearances. She is president of several organizations, some of her most notable duties are{Source}:

  • The Save the Children Fund (President, 1970)
  • The Princess Royal's Trust for Carers, Transaid and Riders for Health
  • Transaid
  • Riders Health
  • The International Olympic Committee

She began riding horses at a young age, and like her mother, it became a great passion for her {Source}.She was a regular participant at in the Horse of the Year Show at Wembley and the Badminton Horse Trials{Source}.In 1971, she won the individual 3-day event at Burghley, and was nominated Sportswoman of the Year by the Sports Writers' Association, the Daily Express newspaper and World Sport (the journal of the British Olympic Association){Source}. She was also voted the BBC's Sports Personality of 1971{Source}. In 1973, she won silver during the same contest in Germany, and was a member of the British team in the European Three-Day Event Championships in Kiev, Urkraine (then part of the USSR){Source}.In 1976, she participated in the Olympic Games, which led to her being president of the British Olympic Association for five years from 1983-1988 {Source}. In 1986, she was selected to succeed her father as president of the International Equestrian Federation (IEF), a post which she has since relinquished{Source}. In 1988, she became one of two British members of the International Olympic Comittee{Source}. In addition to being involved with the sport, she is involved with numerous charities which provide veterinarian care, help for disabled riders (most notable is her president of Riding for the Disabled since 1969) {Source}.

She wrote a book about her equestrian career and love of horses titles Riding Through My Life. Presently, the title is out of print, but you might be able to obtain a used copy via amazon.com.

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The Royal Recap of the Royals You Love: August 7-13, 2017


-Princess Christine of Orléans-Braganza celebrated her 62nd birthday on Friday.


-King Philippe, Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth, The Duchess of Brabant, Prince Gabriel . Prince Emmanuel & Princess Eléonore attended the 2017 Salzburg Festival on Saturday {Source}


-Crown Prince Fredrik visited the Aarhus International Sailing Center on Thursday {Source}

-Princess Athena began school at level 0 at Sct. Joseph Søstrenes Skole on Friday {Photos}.
Also starting school this year are Princess Athena's cousins, Prince Vincent & Princess Josephine, who will attend level 0 at Tranegårdskolen, where their older siblings attend, in the level 4 and level 6 respectively.


-Ferdinand Heinrich Emich Christian Karl, Hereditary Prince of Leiningen celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday.


-Prince Achileas-Andreas celebrated his 17th birthday on Saturday.

Great Britain

-Princess Beatrice of York celebrated her 29th birthday on Tuesday.

-Timothy Taylor celebrated his 54th birthday on Tuesday.


-King Abdullah II, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Prince Hashem, Princess Iman & Princess Salma attend Crown Prince Al Hussein’s graduation ceremony from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on Friday {Video}{Photos}

-King Abdullah II visited the West Bank on Monday {Source}

-Princess Rahma bint El Hassan celebrated his 48th birthday on Sunday.


-Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Guillaume, The Hereditary Grand Duke, Princess Stephanie, The Hereditary Grand Duchess, Prince Louis & Princess Alexandra attended the graduation ceremony of Prince Sébastien from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst on Friday {Photos}

The Netherlands

-King Williem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Princess Catharina-Amalia of Oranje, Princess Alexia & Princess Ariane attended the funeral of Jorge Zorreguieta on Thursday {Source}
Zorreguieta was Queen Maxima's father, and grandfather to her three daughters he died on Tuesday at the age of 89 from lymphoma and a respiratory infection. Queen Maxima had been at his side since last week, the girls and their father joined her in Argentina on Thursday afternoon.

-Princess Mabel van Oranje-Nassau celebrated her 49th birthday on Friday.


--King Felipe VI held an audience with the President of Spain on Monday {Photos}

-Don Alfonso Juan Carlos Zurita y de Borbón celebrated his 44th birthday on Wednesday.


-King Carl XVI Gustav & Queen Silvia attended the King Scouta's summer camp Jamboree17 on Friday {Source}

-Queen Silvia visited IKEA on Friday {Photos}


-Queen Sirikit celebrated her 85th birthday on Saturday.

Royal Profile: Princess Rahma bint El Hassan of Jordan

Princess Rahma bint El Hassan of Jordan was born 13 August 1969 as the eldest child and daughter of Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan and her mother is Princess Sarvath El Hassan of Jordan {Source}. She has the following siblings, siblings-in-law and nieces and nephews {Source}:

  1. Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan of Jordan (1971)
    1. Nasser Judeh (m. 1993?, div. 2007)
      1. Tariq El Sharaf Judeh (1994) 
      2. Zein El Sharaf Judeh (1994)
      3. Ali Judeh (1996)
      4. Sukayna Judeh (1998)
  2. Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan (1974)
    1. Khaled Edward Blair (m. 2008)
      1. Ali Blair
  3. Prince Rashid bint El Hassan of Jordan(1979)
    1. Zeina Shaban (m. 2010)
      1. Prince Hassan bin Al-Rashid of Jordan (2013)
      2. Prince Talal bin Al-Rashid of Jordan (2016)

She was educated at various schools, primarily in England. Some of her education included{Source}:

  • International Community School (Jordan)
  • Sherborne School for Girls (England)
  • University of Cambridge (BAHons in Oriental Studies, 1991)
  • University of Cambridge (MPhil in International Relations, 1992)

In July 1997, she married Alaa Batayneh. They have two children together{Source}:

  • Aysha El Batayneh (born 2002)
  • Arif El Batayneh (born 2006)

She served as director for the Amman Regional Office for the Foundation for Interrlegious and Intercultural Research Dialogue {Source}. She is honorary president of the Yarmouk University Alumni Club{Source}. She has been a member of the international board of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme since 1997{Source}. She is president of the Princess Rhahma Association for Heritiage Revival and Jordanian Gymnastics {Source}.

She is a recipient of many awards over the years{Source}. She received the Grand Cross of the Order of Independence of Jordan and the Grand Cross of Orange-Nassau from the Netherlands (2006){Source}.
She is a first cousin of the present King of Jordan.

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Royal Profile: Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece & Denmark

Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece & Denmark was born 12 August 2000 as the 3rd child ofCrown Prince Pavlos & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece in New York, NY USA {Source}. The teenager has four siblings:

  1. Princess Maria Olympia of Greece & Denmark (1998)
  2. Prince Constantine Alexios (1998)
  3. Prince Odysseus-Kimon(2004)
  4. Prince Aristidis-Stavros (2008)
His christening took place at the Greek Cathedral of Saint Sophia in London and his godparents were:

  • Infanta Elena of Spain (paternal 1st cousin 1x removed)
  • Princess Theodora of Greece (paternal aunt)
  • Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg
  • Prince Kardem of Bulgaria
  • Princess Rosario of Bulgaria
  • Prince Alexandre von Furstenberg

He has resided both in the US (in Los Angels and NYC) and in London with his family. As the family is defunct, little is known about him. However, he is presently in line for the British and Greek (defunct) thrones after his father and brother.

Although a member of the defunct Greek Royal Family, he still participates in numerous appearances. In 2004, he attended the gala preview of Mary Poppins on London's West End with his paternal grandmother and family {Photos}. In 2005, he attended his new brother's christening {Photo}. In 2008 and 2009, he participated in part of the family's appearances inVanity Fair {Photo} {Photos}. In 2010, he was in Greece to attend his uncle's wedding {Photos}. In 2011, he was spotted in London's West End for a gala performance of Shrek The Musical {Photos}.

It is really unknown where he attended/attends school. It's likely he speaks English and Greek.

He is presently related to most of Europe's monarchies and is in line for the defunct Greek and British throne. He is presently 5th in line for the Greek throne after his father and brothers.

He is related to the following monarchies:

Royal Profile: Maud Windsor

Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor was born 15 August 2013 as the eldest daughter of Lord Frederik Windsor and Sophie Winkleman { Sourc...